Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pearl on the Palm Costume Fitting

Pearl on the Palm TVB Drama

Of late dramas centered around the theme of family disputes are doing remarkably well. Take a look at the success of Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance. In fact, Moonlight Resonance achieved the highest ratings ever for a TVB series. The success of these dramas also boost the popularity of the dramas' actors. Susanna Kwan was successful in her role as Sai Kai in Heart of Greed while Michelle Yim snagged the Best Actress Award at TVB 41st Anniversary Award for her role as Hung Yi in Moonlight Resonance.

It is natural for TVB to want to milk this cash cow. The next new drama to be centered around this theme is called Pearl on the Palm (掌上明珠) with cast including the talented Jessica Hsuan, Kiki Sheung, Michael Tao and Bowie Lam.

Pearl on the Palm will see Jessica taking on the role of the antagonist, her first "baddie" role in her 17 years with TVB. The story revolves around the tale of three sisters fighting for the family wealth, set amidst the jewellery business in the 60s. Jessica will play one of the sisters together with Kiki Sheung and Macy Chan.

The producer of Pearl on the Palm, Lam Chi Wah clarifies that it will not be the same as TVB's mega production (but flopped)The Gem of Life. He says while The Gem of Life is centered on business conflicts, Pearl on the Palm will be focused on the disputes within the family.

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