Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Netizens praise Kevin Cheng's performance in Last One Standing

Last One Standing, which is scheduled to end its run this week, had a promotional event. The three main leads, Kevin Cheng, Roger Kwok and Yoyo Mung were all present.

Last One Standing Cast Promo

Kevin expressed that he was pleased after reading the good comments netizens have to say about his performance as Cheung Sing Hei. Kevin said that every actor need a breakthrough role to expand their acting range and career. Hopefully, Kevin can progress further with this performance here.

Kevin Cheng at Last One Standing Promo

Roger Kwok took on an evil role as the conniving and manipulative Tong Lap Yin. However, he is not worried. He plans to let his son watch Last One Standing along with Square Pegs as part of his education. Roger also shared that he is not bothered by the TV King award, just hoping that there'll be a good surprise.

Roger Kwok at Last One Standing Promo

Yoyo Mung, expressed her relief that she isn't competing for any awards this year. She doesn't feel disappointed and even joked that she doesn't have to worry about her outfit for TVB Anniversary do. She shared that she will film more series this year and hoped that she might have the chance to be nominated next year. She also revealed that the current Asian Financial Crisis hasn't affected her much.

Source: on.cc
Original Translation: Squirt88 @ AsianFanatics


nikkie said...

Kevin's really good here. Actually Roger is good too. So good that I absolutely hate him now!

nich said...

I agree. Roger IS good! His character is so evil. This genre is so refreshing from TVB