Monday, September 22, 2008

The Four

The Four Young Constables TVB Drama

Raymond Lam as Mo Ching (Heartless)
Kenneth Ma as Tit Sau (Iron-fist)
Sammul Chan as Zhui Ming (Life-Chaser)
Ron Ng as Lang Huet (Cold-blooded)
Kate Tsui as Sung Zhi Yan
Selena Li as Lam Yuk Fei
Krystal Tin
Dominic Lam
Cilla Kung

Total episodes: 25 episodes
Aired Dates: September 22 to October 24, 2008
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 8.30 pm
Channel: Astro Channel 901

Heartless and smart Mo Ching was a crippled since he was a baby. Luckily, Chu Kot Ching Ngo, the Head of Sheriff Bureau saved him and thought him exceptional skills of using concealed weapons. Emperor Sung was grateful to Chu Kot as he had helped the Emperor to repossesses an important relic that was lost. To reward Chu Kot, the Emperor decided to reopen the Sheriff Bureau. Chu Kot recruited four constables to work with him in the bureau. They are Mo Ching, Zhui Ming (a cunning conman), Tit Sau (an honest and kind man) and Lang Huet (an aloof yet agile but cold-blooded man). They are collectively called "The Four".

Under the leadership and guidance of Chu Kot, the Sheriff Bureau has solved many difficult cases. After experiencing the trials and tribulations with the other 3 constables, Mo Ching has learnt to be more humble and less arrogant. he soon develop feelings for Sung Zhi Yan, a physician. However, Zhi Yan manipulate Mo Ching's affections and seize this opportunity to break up the team. Zhi Yan intentionally create a rift between Mo Ching and Tit Sau.

Chu Kot himself is also stuck in a precarious position, trying to expose the rebellion of Wong Chiu Cheong and Choi Ging, risking his life and driving himself away from The Four.

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