Friday, September 19, 2008

Grandma, Lee heung Kam has many grandchildren

Lee Heung Kam

Lee Heung Kam, who plays the loving grandma to 7 grandchildren in Moonlight Resonance, suddenly sees herself with even more grandchildren than she could imagine. Lee Heung Kam's popularity has soared since her return to the silver screen. Never has she imagined that since walking back into TVB, she would land this juicy role. Lee Heung Kam or more fondly called, Kam Jeh, was worried that she would not be able to cope because of her age. Not wanting to be a burden to the rest of the cast, she now works harder on her script and sleeps less.

Kam Jeh shares, "When I go out in the street, everybody calls me 'Grandma'. I now have many grandchildren. I love being part of the cast of Moonlight Resonance. We get on very well together."

Original Translation:Dragon888 @ AsianVN


nikkie said...

I want her to be my grandma too...
"em sai keng, mama hai dai theng!"

nich said...

She's a cool grandma! She rocks!!