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Moonlight Resonance

Moonlight Resonance TVBMoonlight Resonance, the indirect sequel to last year's surprising hit drama, "Heart of Greed", features almost similar cast members, promises even more drama, fights and tear-jerking scenes centered around one theme - the importance of family values and reunion. This series is one of the most anticipated series of 2008!

The Chung Household
Lee Sze Ki as Chung Siu Hor
Shirley Yeung as young Chung Siu Hor
Susanna Kwan as Chung Siu Sa
Raymond Lam as Kam Wing Ho
Tavia Yeung as Suen Ho Yuet
Fala Chen as Kam Wing Hing
Louis Yuen as Yuen Sze Chi
Kate Tsui as Lo Ka Mei
Chow Chong as Chung Faun Tat

The Kam Household
Ha Yu as Kam Tai Jo
Jack Wu as young Kam Tai Jo
Michelle Yim as Yan Hong
Moses Chan as Kam Wing
Linda Chung as Yu So Sum / Yu So Chau
Chris Lai as Kam Wing Yuen
Lee Heung Kam as Sheh Gwun Lai
Vincent Wan as Kam Wing Chung
Fung So Bor as Sheh Lai Mui
Lee Sing Cheung as Mak Yau Kung

Not in either household
Bosco Wong as Ling Chi Shun
Wayne Lai as Nien Tze Yong
Astrid Chan
Tracy Yip

Total Episodes: 41
Aired Dates: July 28 to September 19, 2008
Channel: Astro Channel 931, 9.30 pm

Moonlight Resonance tells the story of the Hor Ma and Kam Tai Jo, a couple who runs a traditional mooncake and chinese pastries shop. Together they have 6 children (Ka, Ho Yuet Yuen, Hing and Chung). Tai Jo then divorced Hor Ma when he had an affair with one of his workers, Yan Hong. The family breaks apart and Tai Jo and Hor Ma have custody over 3 of their children each. Ka, Yuen and Chung stayed with Tai Jo while Ho Yuet and Hing followed Hor Ma. To start their life anew, Hor Ma, set up a new mooncake shop similar to the one she started with Tai Jo.

Yan Hong is a cunning and conniving woman. She has many faces. She does everything possible to please her mother-in-law, Lai, while also working very hard to dis-unite her step children. She also worked very hard and help Tai Jo to expend their business rapidly resulting in many branches all over Hong Kong. Tai Jo is oblivious to all her misdeeds and thinks that she's a kind, loving mother and a capable wife.

Both Tai Jo and Hor Ma's mooncake shop use the same brand name - Ka Ho Yuet Yuen. Yan Hong then insist that Hor Ma re-brand her shop. When Hor Ma's father refused to change the shop's name, she sued Hor Ma in court. As such, the relationship between the 2 families soured.

Hor Ma loves her family dearly. Her wish is to see her family united again. However her children are also embroiled in crisis of their own:

  • eldest son Ka loves to dabble in stock exchange. He also entangle himself in a love triangle with his cousin, Mei and sister, Yuet. (Yuet is an orphan brought up by Hor Ma, they have no blood relation)
  • second son, Ho, who assumes the father figure role on Hor Ma's side of the family, is romantically involved with his childhood sweetheart, Sum. (Sum is Yan Hong's biological daughter with her first husband).

Hor Ma values her family and provides them with unconditional love and support while Yan Hong is a selfish woman who thinks only of herself. Tai Jo is helpess as he is cought between these two women all his life. When disaster strikes, the family bond, love and relationship will be tried and tested. But who will survive...

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