Friday, September 19, 2008

Sonija Kwok is available!

Sonija Kwok and Anne HeungSonija Kwok with Anne Heung

Attention, all male citizens of the world! Sonija Kwok claims that she is unattached. Sonija said this at an event for a make up product. She claimed that when she becomes attached she will definitely announce it. She wouldn't be making the first move to persue a guy. Sonija also tries not to get too close to male co-stars to avoid unnecessary gossips and rumours.

Sonija, who just returned to Hong Kong, had been taking singing lessons to prepare herself for future roles. She will be ready to sing should the need arises.

Also present at the event were Anne Heung, Sheila Chan and Belinda Hamnett.

Source: Takungpao
Original Translation: kingkongit27 @ AsianEU

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