Thursday, August 14, 2008

Your Class or Mine

Your Class or Mine Poster

Bobby Au Yeung as Pang Kam Chau
Sheren Tang as Yim Ka Lai
Derek Kok as Ching Kwok Chu
Benz Hui as Fan Tai Wai
Mimi Lo as
Benjamin Yuen as
Him Law as Fan Pui Tung

Total Episodes: 20
Aired Dates: Aug 25 to Sep 19, 2008. Monday to Friday, 8.30pm
Channel: Astro 901

Pang Kam Chau used to work as a parallel importer, but his girlfriend has taken everything away from him. He needs to rebuild his career as he has nothing left. He tries to gain the trust of a soccer team leader, Fan Tai Wai through trickery and dubious means. This leads to Chau being hired as the Operation Director of the Soccer Team with Wai's assistance. Chau promised that he will help the players to achieve good results in their coming examination.

Chau uses unconventional teaching techniques, encouraging his students to hang around bars and pubs and actively pursue girls. Needless to say, their results were disastrous. When the soccer team's sponsor, Ching Kwok Chu found out about this, he tries to hire a well known tutor, Yim Ka Lai to tutor the students. Lai's teaching techniques are different from Chau's and this leads to numerous arguments and fights between the two of them.

The soccer team's academic performance fluctuates and Chau soon realises that Wai's son, Fan Pui Ting, is talented and has lots of potential. Thus, Chau pays special attention to Ting. At the same time, Chu, the soccer team's sponsor lost the control of the team to his younger brother. Chu is determined to revenge and seeks the help of Lai. Chu asks Lai to mess up the team. Chau is enraged when he learns about this. He then reveal the secret relationship Chu and Lai had. All of a sudden, Lai flawless tutorial career is in jeopardy.

Footnote: This series replaces When a Dog Loves a Cat.


Nikkie said...

I saw this preview on AOD. They've already started showing some clips. It's nice to see Bobby Au Yeung back in action.

admin said...

Yeah but Bobby wasn't missing for that long a time, his last show was Forensic Heroes, just a few months back!