Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Pillow Case of Mystery 2: Bobby Au Yeung was seduced!

And who's the one doing all the seducing job? None other than his talented co-star, Jessica Hsuan. Both were filming an intimate bed scene for the series where by Jessica had to lie on the bed, unbutton her upper garment and reveal her legs. Bobby character's reaction was apparently seduced for he ended up with nose bleed. but not to worry as the nose bleed was also part of the scene. The fake blood was made from honey mixed with some food colouring.

A pillow case of mystery 2 promoA pillow case of mystery 2 promo

Both were speaking to reporters at the blessing ceremony for the series.

Source: Oriental Daily
Original translation: kingkongit27 @ AsianEU


xxx said...

hey , have this series come out yet ? as in it can be bought in s'pore?

juney said...

yeah , can it be bought in singapore? i've check it on the net but they didnt say anything bout when will it come out as dvds? has it came out yet?

admin said...

@xxx, @juney This series has not been released by TVB yet, so my guess, is it's not available yet in any format.

I'll post when there is news about the release.