Saturday, July 19, 2008

When a Dog loves a Cat

When a dog loves a cat TVBLo Ka Leung's comeback series with TVB after 4 years of absence. He's set to make his appearance in "When a dog loves a cat" with Myolie Wu.

Gallen Lo as Miu Chun
Myolie Wu as Chow Chow
David Lui as Jim
Margie Tsang as Tin Lan
with guest appearance from Bernice Liu

Total Episodes: 20
Aired Dates: July 21 to August 15, 2008.
Channel: Astro 901, 8.30pm

Chow Chow loves animals and her family used to own a dog pound. One day she rescued a stray dog, Tai Pa, off the street and brought it home with her. Unknown to her, Tai Pa is sick, and the dogs in the dog pound contracted Tai Pa's disease. Due to her negligence, her father have to stut down the dog pound. To earn a living, her brother Jim and his wife, Tin Lan opened a pet shop.

Miu Chun, a colleague of Chow Chow dislikes dogs on principle. His girlfriend died trying to save a dog, which turned out to be Tai Pa. Because of this unfortunate incident, Miu Chun has a strong dislike for dogs. He takes custody of his girlfriend's pet cat, Cancan.

One day Chow Chow saved another stray dog from the animal control people and brought it home with her again. It turns out that this dog is the younger brother of Tai Pa, Siu Pa. To avoid making the same mistakes as the first time, she placed the dog in her empty neighbour's house. Unknown to her, Miu Chun has already bought that same house and plans to move in with Cancan.

Will these two neighbours co-exist in harmony or will their love for their respective pets put them at loggerheads with each other. How this conflict of theirs end?

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