Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dogs on the Beat: Steven and Linda faces challenges

Recently the cast of "Dogs on the Beat" Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng, Maggie Siu and Koni Lui attended the costume fitting for the drama.

Dogs on the Beat promo

Steven will be portraying a character that comes from a village. His character is someone who is abrasive, perverted, loves pornographic magazines and enjoys ogling at big chested women. Steven thinks that his role is the drama will be a challenge as he has previously played characters who are polite and well-mannered. Steven will be paired with Linda Chung.

Linda Chung's character is a tomboy, but she will change midway through the series and become a beautiful swan. Reporters asked if she is worried about having to portray such character as her fans may not like it, but Linda says it is alright as she can show the audience a different side of her.

The storyline for the drama was unfortunately not revealed. This is the second time Linda and Steven pair up as a couple. Previously they were paired up in A Journey Called Life.

Source: Takungpao
Original translation: kingkongit27 @ AsianEU


Anonymous said...

Actually, they've been paired up 3 times. They were a couple on Virtues of Harmony II.

admin said...

Ooops! A mistake on my part. Thanks for the correction! =)