Friday, August 29, 2008

Mooncakes outshines cast of Moonlight Resonance

Moonlight Resonance CastPart of the cast of Moonlight Resonance (MR) attended a promotional event at a shopping mall recently. Those present include Lee Si Kei, Michelle Yim, Moses Chan, Chris Lai, Tavia Yeung, Ha Yu and Kate Tsui.Moses Chan performing limbo rock

The cast played games such as limbo rock and challenged members of the audience to reenact certain scenes from the series. Some of the apparatus/tools used during the event was placed online for bidding by a netizen, proceeds of which will be donated to the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.

Ha Yu and Michelle Yim distribute mooncakes

To end the event, the cast distributed mooncakes to those present. There was a mad rush to get to mooncakes, creating a near-chaotic atmosphere. Mall officials, told the crowd to calm down and remain seated as there are elderly folks present and may get hurt in the jostling.

Tavia Yeung distributes mooncake

Tavia and Kate distributed mooncakes from the stage and avoid going into the crowd while Lee Si Kei, Chris and Moses passed out the mooncakes directly to the audience. Tavia commented that the scene is very dangerous and the crowd is actually fighting to get the mooncakes. She lamented that even the baskets used to hold the mooncakes are not spared. Tavia joked, "how come the mooncakes are more popular than us? No one called out our names, they only said 'Tavia can you give me a mooncake!' But I have never had so much fun passing out mooncakes, I'm only worried about the elders!"

Moses explained that the packaging of the mooncakes have the words "Moonlight Resonance" in Chinese on it, which makes the mooncakes very special. Lee Si Kei said the mooncakes supply ran out quickly but also expressed her concern for the safety of the elderly.

Susanna Kwan and Lee Si Kei

Susanna Kwan hopes that there'll be a third collaboration with the cast, the first being "Heart of Greed".

Source: Takungpao, Oriental Daily, The Sun, Mingpao
Original Translation: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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