Friday, August 29, 2008

Linda Chung, busy as a bee

... or so that's what she claims. Linda's latest series currently airing is "The Legend of the Demigods", which co-stars Benny Chan, Sunny Chan, Stephen Au, Nancy Wu and Halina Tam. Linda attended the promotional event for "The Legend of the Demigods" and shared with reporters that the series ratings average at approximately 27 to 28 points but due to her hectic filming schedule, she has no time to watch the series.

Linda Chung and Benny ChanLinda and Benny joking around

The cast played many games and one of them was to transfer fruits from one end of the table to another without using their hands. Linda and Benny co-operated well, but Linda was also careless to have knocked over a plate of fruits.

Linda mentioned that she recently was in Toronto for a live show, where she had a chance to sing 8 songs. She loved performing on stage and felt as though she was performing at her own concert! However, she decided against singing songs from her own album as the audience may not be familiar yet with her songs. Her album was only release a couple of weeks ago.

Aside from currently filming Dogs on the Beat and busy with the promotion of her album, Linda still squeeze in some time for a few extra shows. Linda says she'll go on a vacation after filming for the series has wrapped to reward herself.

Source: Oriental Daily, Takungpao
Original Translation: kingkongit27 @ AsianEU

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