Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charmaine Sheh subtly confirms departure from TVB, considering contract on per series basis

Of late the rumours about Charmaine Sheh leaving TVB for greener pastures in China has been spreading like wildfire. After recuperating from her arm injury for about two months, Charmaine attended the Jewels of Italy Show 2011 as an invited guest.

Charmaine Sheh TVB
She took the opprtunity to clear the air about some rumours and concerns fans and viewers have for her. Charmaine revealed that her arm is healing well but she still needs to continue with some physiotheraphy. "I'm alright now. I need to continue arm exercises, but they are quite simple so I can do them at home. I can't film action scenes at the moment," Charmaine explained.

There are numerous rumours that claimed Charmaine had faked her arm injury to avoid filming TVB series Forensic Heroes 3. However the actress denied that. Charmaine hope that critics would stop rubbing salt on her wound as she had already missed out on shooting a "series that would have good ratings". She also adds that due to her injury, she also missed out on other stage events during the lunar new year period and lost a lot of income as a result.

Having been managed by TVB for the last 14 years, Charmaine regards TVB as her maternal home. Charmaine stopped short of fully confirming her departure from TVB but adds that no matter what, TVB will always be her "maternal home". She will maintain a good relationship with TVB as she had grown and matured with TVB for the last 14 years. Should Charmaine leave, she will definitely consider amending her contract with TVB into a "per series" contract.

Charmaine clarifies that money is not to sole factor in her consideration for contract renewal or departure. "It's not about the money," she says. Charmaine also confirms that when her series are aired, she will definitely be involved in the promotional activities.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @ AsianUniverse.net

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