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Yoyo Mung and Krystal Tin enjoy first collaboration

Although both Yoyo Mung and Krystal Tin have been in the entertainment industry for many years, they have not had the chance to collaborate until Only You. However these two were at ease and very comfortable with one another even before the filming for [Only You] begins. The friendship between these two talented actresses developed so fast, covering thousand miles in a day.

Yoyo Mung Krystal Tin Only You TVB
Krystal and Yoyo share a similar interest which they discover when filming for [OY] begins. The shared interest was to play jokes on the cast and crew. The little pranks bring laughter and cheer to everyone.

Yoyo and Krystal met up at a dried seafood shop to buy some goodies. As Krystal is married and holds the wife title for many years, she is able to make skillful selections when shopping. Yoyo, who is happily dating Ekin Cheng, was a little lost as seen when she was trying to differentiate between the many types of fish maws. Krystal can't help but laugh at Yoyo. Krystal then helped Yoyo to pick out some abalones.

Yoyo Mung Krystal Tin Only You TVB
"Before I started eating as a vegetarian, I can easily cook up dishes serving 10 people with absolutely no problem. Abalone, ginseng, wings, tripes, I can do it all. My husband Chapman To is also a very good cook, but we can't cook together because we'll have disagreement, so it's either him or me that cooks, otherwise there will definitely be an argument," reveals Krystal.

Yoyo Mung Krystal Tin Only You TVB
Yoyo is currently trying her best to improve her culinary skills. She explains that she is fortunate to have so many friends who are willing to share with her cooking tips and experiences. Yoyo adds that she also gains when her friends share with her tips on super deals when buying high quality foods.

Krystal and Yoyo were teased about their lightning speed friendship. Krytal shares, "Ah Yo (Yoyo) appears like a woman on the surface, but in fact she's very much like a man! On the set, it was really dry for everyone, so we tried to make it fun! Though this is my first time working with her, but oddly we don't even need a warm up, we were already like this even before we started shooting. I probably owe her something in my past life."

Yoyo adds, "It wasn't that severe when we were shooting, it was later that we got more familiar. Our whole group were always very noisy on a daily basis, very happy!"

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