Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laughing Kor returns in new series

Sneak Attack (Salute Laughing Sir) TVB
TVB new series Sneak Attack (Salute Laughing Sir) held its costume fitting recently. Among the cast who were present include Michael Tse, Damian Lau, Bosco Wong, Fala Chen, and Kate Tsui. Everyone present was given a chance to introduce their respective character. While doing that, Damian could not help but tease Michael. "I left TVB for a whole year, so fortunate that now I'm back, Laughing Gor took me on a lift to be in this series," joked Damian. Everyone followed Damian's lead and Michael could not help but blushed in embarassment.

This series is an offshoot of Laughing's character from the highly rated Academy trilogy - E.U. Michael explained that the role for Laughing will be reconstructed. This series will see Laughing be involved in a relationship with Fala Chen, who is his superior. Fala joked that she will be thinking hard for ways to boss Michael around. She also reveals that her relationship with Michael will be implicit with hints of a superior/subbordinate realtionship. "This is my first time playing a police officer. I have to pretend to be cool and cut my hair short. My role won't need a tomboy haircut, but I am willing to sacrifice some of my hair for the role," shares Fala.

Michael Tse Fala Chen Sneak Attack (Salute Laughing Sir) TVB

At the event, Michael also announced that he has some good news to share. Reporters were curious and asked if his wife is expecting. Michael, always the teaser, revealed that the finale for The Rippling Blossom managed to garner 1.8 million hits online, as well as achieved an average rating of 34 points, peaking at 38 points. Micheal is very excited at this good news. Reporters asked if Michael will treat everyone to a celebratory meal. Michael says, "Have Big, Eat Big, it's a full house for Chilam Cheung's concert, over 10 million on both nights! I will tell Chilam to treat us for a celebration. But it's a happy thing, we can treat together, not a problem!"

Bosco Wong Kate Tsui Sneak Attack (Salute Laughing Sir) TVB

Bosco will take on the role of a triad member who is also crippled. He will share a passionate relationship with Kate. Kate's role is a lawyer for the triads, her law education was funded by Bosco. "I love and hate her. I heard there's a lot of bed scenes too! Yeah it's wrong, but we're always doings too!" explains Bosco regarding his relationship with Kate in the series.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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