Monday, November 29, 2010

Twilight Investigation

Twilight Investigation TVB Drama Astro on Demand

Wong Hei as Gei On Kui
Linda Chung as Chung Yee Tak
Raymond Wong as Chow Ka Sing
Chris Lai as Yau Sam Kit
Shek Sau as Yip Kwok Cheung
Johnson Lee
Power Chan
Rebecca Chan
Kingdom Yuen

Total Episodes: 25 episodes
Aired Dates: November 29 to December 31, 2010
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 8.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 901

Yip Kwok Cheung, a former police officer, sets up a Private Investigator Agency. Each of his PIs (private investigator) have their own strengths and area of expertice. Gei On Kui is the lead PI at the agency. On Kui has never failed to solve a case no matter how tough/complicated/mysterious the case seem to be.

While investigating a case, On Kui gets to know a popular fashion model, Chung Yee Tak. Yee Tak comes from a broken family. She is an introvert and is most of the time lonely. Her low self-esteem causes problems for her at work and also in her love life.

After encountering a drunk driving incident, Yee Tak sees life differently. She decides to search for her long lost mother, whom she ran away from when she was younger. To search for her mother, Yee Tak gets the help of On Kui from the reknown PI Agency. On Kui decides to help Yee Tak as he symphatises with her. During the course of investigation, On Kui stumbles upon a secret that even Yee Tak doesn't know.

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