Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can't Buy Me Love is still the highest rated series for 2010

TVB's Anniversary Awards for 2010 will be help at 8.30pm on December 5th. The battle for TV King and TV Queen is reportedly down to the leads from 2 series, No Regrets and Can't Buy Me Love. [CBML] was aired earlier and received high ratings as well as praises from the viewers while [NR] also managed to garner some praises for having a wonderful story. At the same time, [NR] was heavily promoted during TVB's Anniversary Gala thus boosting its chances at the coming awards.
Charmaine Sheh
It was reported earlier that Charmaine Sheh may not be attending the awards show as she will be working in China. However, the actress may have a change of heart and might be attending the annual awards show. Reporters contacted Charmaine to verify this piece of news. As [CBML] is the highest rated series for 2010, Charmaine said that the Producer of [CBML], Miu Siu Ching should be the happiest.

Charmaine was once again asked about her hopes for the TV Queen award, which she says "I am feeling very normal, I personally don't have any big battle feeling, try my best!" As for whether she will return to HK for the award show, Charmaine explains that her manager is trying to schedule time-off for her from the Chinese film crew. Charmaine adds, "I still have to go back that night because I am part of the nominations and I want to participate too. However, I really don't have time to try out the jewelry and outfit, so will leave everything to my manager!"
Sheren Tang
Sheren Tang was filming an advertisement and was approached by reporters. The finale ratings for [NR] did not manage to break the ratings for [Jewel in the Palace]. Sheren explains that she is not disappointed with the ratings. She reasons that viewers can now re-watch the series online and perhaps that may influence the ratings.

Popular HK veteran actor, Chow Yun Fat was quote as saying that the battle for Best Actress this year will come down to Charmaine Sheh versus Sheren Tang. Upon hearing this, Sheren quickly expresses her thanks to the actor, "Really thank him for the support, sometimes when I see him, I would get his advice! I personally have confidence, but the other opponents are very strong too." Sheren also joked that her character, "Kau Ku Leung" is very complicated and tough to portray, thus she may win the "Most Improved Award" as well. She also praised Charmaine for doing well in [CBML].

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel@ AsianUniverse.net

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