Friday, November 26, 2010

Felix Wong and Micheal Miu explain outbursts

The Gun Metal Grey sage continues.

Eileen Cha, a popular radio DJ in Hong Kong, invited Michael Miu and Felix Wong to her radio show. This opportunity gives Michael and Felix a chance to clarify and address the issue.

Felix Wong Michael Miu

Michael kicked off the program by jokingly blaming Felix for the entire fiasco. Felix replied that whatever he wrote on Weibo was heartfelt and they are the words from his heart. He was truly upset by the arrangements (or rather lack of arrangement). However, Felix added that it never crossed his mind that by posting his thoughts on Weibo could generate such a huge reaction to the whole situation.

Felix explained that although he may not be a TVB contracted artiste, he was sincere in wanting to participate in the Anniversary. When Felix realised that not a single Gun Metal Grey cast attended the gala and the series was barely mentioned, that is the point when Felix exploded.

Felix Wong

Felix is well-known for his "explosive" temper, but according to the actor, his "explosion" this time around can only be a measly level 2. In the past, he would have stomped directly to the senior management to voice his dissatisfaction.

Michael and Felix both agree that the promotions for all series should be impartial and fair. They also reiterate what Producer Lee Tim Sing said in his Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech, "a little more fairness, a little less selfishness".

Felix credits TVB for his and Michael's successes. "Without TVB, both Michael and I would not have the success we have today, so I sincerely want TVB to be dominant in all of Asia and continue to improve as well as progress. It’s because of my deep affection for the company that I feel an obligation to reproach when I see such injustices," Felix explained further.

When asked if Felix will be attending TVB's Anniversary Awards on December 5, Felix pushes the decision making to Michael. He says if Micheal attends then he will too. Michael and Felix are both nominated for the Best Actor award.

Michael Miu

Micheal shared that Felix has remained the same throughout the years. According to Michael, Felix is still as outspoken as before and still has a loving family. Micheal plays down the situation with TVB and advises everyone to treat Felix's outbursts as an indirect promotion for [GMG].

Source: Mingpao with translations by llwy12@

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