Sunday, April 18, 2010

Costume Fitting for Fury Street Corner

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu are set to work together again in new TVB series Fury Street Corner. The co-stars in Burning Flame III, will be collaborating with DJ Sam Lee as well as Sharon Chan.

Myolie Wu Kevin Cheng Fury Street Corner TVB
Sharon Chan will play a sex worker in this series. At the costume fitting, Sharon teased everyone present with her beautiful long legs. She even wore a revealing outfit to suit her character. "This time I'm revealing lots of things and had to wear too bras for work. I never done this type of role before, the most intense scene is when I have to run out in the streets without any clothes on," Sharon reveals even more.

Sharon Chan Fury Street Corner TVB
Sharon shared that there will be one scene which she has to go looking for "clients". "I'll be in sexy and provocative clothing. However my role is not the normal "in one flat" sex worker, she's an idealistic sex worker," says Sharon. Sharon disclosed that she will be visiting the red-light areas to explore the working conditions and observe to prepare for her character.

DJ Sam Lee will be filming a TVB series for the very first time. He will take on the role of a social worker and shared that his earnings for the series is approximately about the same as DJ-ing for less than 2 nights.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel

Note: Fury Street Corner is officially renamed Ghetto Justice. It is scheduled to replace Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!

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