Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moses Chan promotes Fly with Me on his birthday

Moses Chan turned 39 recently (16 April) and on his special day, he together with Ada Choi attended the promotional event for TVB series Fly with Me (formerly Superwoman). The cast and crew presented Moses with a birthday cake. The cast also distributed flowers and lip=shaped stickers to passerbys.

Moses Chan Ada Choi Fly with Me TVB
Moses revealed that he is working on his birthday, filming Can't Buy Me Love. The celebrations will have to wait as work comes first. Repoerters teased Moses that his rumoured girlfriend Bernice is not working, but Moses explained, ""It's me that has no time, it's just my problem, wait until I have more time."

Moses shared that although his mother did not rush him to settle down and start a family, he already has plans of his own.

As for co-star, Ada Choi, there are rumours circulating that she is currently pregnant and is due in October. However, Ada strongly denied the rumour, "I am in good physical condition, haven't really reduced my jobs. However, my husband Max Zhang is currently filming a new drama, when we have time we will work on it. If I do get pregnant, I will let everyone know."

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel

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