Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raymond Wong and Fala Chen replace Ron Ng and Suki Tsui

Rosy Business was a huge success when it was aired in 2009 and TVB has decided to further develop this franchise and thus Rosy Business 2 was filmed. The cast is almost the same as the first series but Ron Ng and Suki Tsui will not be appearing in the second installment. Instead, Raymond Wong and Fala Chen will appear as their "sort of" replacements.

Rosy Business 2 Raymond Wong Fala Chen
If you are wondering what is the real reason behind the replacements, Raymond explained that Rosy Business 2 has a completely different storyline with different content. As such, he and Fala should not be referred to as "replacements"! Raymond shared that he is also paired with Fala in another TVB series Can't Buy Me Love and as such, he is comfortable with Fala working as a couple. Raymond also hoped that his collaboration with Fala will be a successful one and they will have chemistry in the series.

Raymond expressed his happiness at being able to film with the cast of two very successful 2009 TVB productions - Rosy Business and Beyond the Realm of Conscience! Reporters teased Raymond that his involvement in two big productions are signs that TVB is heavily promoting him, and he may stand a chance of taking home awards at the annual TVB Anniversary Awards, but Raymond brushed off those remarks, humbly saying that he is happy to have such great opportunities but winning awards have never crossed his mind.

Fala Chen shares that he pairing with Raymond has a very sweet and romantic storyline and she is looking forward to it. She explained, "My role in this new series is very similar to the muted girl in Moonlight Resonance. I play a girl who have heart attack, very pitiful. I am not sure if my performance is good or not yet, but I don't dare to hope for any awards."

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel

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