Sunday, March 28, 2010

TVB announces Grand Productions at HK Filmart 2010

TVB HK Filmart 2010
TVB Executive, Virginia Lok and a few TVB actors and actresses attended the recent Hong Kong Filmart 2010. Among those artistes who attended the event representing TVB include leading Fadans and Siusangs such as Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Wayne Lai, Shereen Tang, Nancy Wu, Damian Lau and Jessica Hsuan. The artistes helped to introduce some of TVB grand productions for 2010. These grand productions are Can't Buy Me Love, No Regrets (previously known as Rosy Business 2: Righteous Sea of Heroic Love), Interpol 2010 and Growing Through Life.

Can't Buy Me Love
Formerly known as The Arrival of the Princess or The Princess Marriage, Can't Buy Me Love sees the collaboration of Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh. He as the reluctant husband, while she as the ultra demanding Princess.

At the HK Filmart promo for the series, Moses openly declares that he is afraid of women. "I treat all women with love and hate. I'm also afraid of Charmaine, in the series she's a very savage princess," says Moses. When probbed by reporters id his current girlfriend is as savage as the Princess, Moses blushed with embarrasment and coyly feigned innocense. Charmaine also shares that she is currently single and is not sure if she was a savage girlfriend in the past.

No Regrets (formerly known as Rosy Business 2: Righteous Sea of Heroic Love)
A semi-continuation from the first Rosy Business, this is an indirect sequel. The story is independent but features (almost) similar cast list to the first. Expect to see stellar performances from Wayne Lai, Shereen Tang, Nancy Wu and new additions Raymond Wong and Fala Chen.

Gun Metal Grey
Formerly known as Cops/Interpol 2010, Gun Metal Grey sees the return of Felix Wong Yat Wah to TVB. This is an anticipated collaboration of Felix with Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan. With such a strong veteran cast list, they will be backed with some new blood including Nancy Wu, Stephen Huynh and Vincent Wong.

Growing Through Life
Growing Through Life will be a Hong Kong/China collaboration similar to 2007's Grand Production The Drive of Life. Featuring almost similar cast line-up, viewers will see Damian Lau once again leading the series alongside Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Toby Leung, Cecilia Yip and Dominic Lam.

The series is set to be filmed on location is Hong Kong as well as Shenzhen, Macau, Chengdu and Shanghai. The series will revelve around the hotel industry in China.

Source: Mingpao/ with translations by aZnangel

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