Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reunion Blessing Ceremony

Ron Ng and Kate Tsui will take up the roles of a warm and loving couple in TVB new series Reunion. Both Ron and Kate filmed a scene for the series and it was rumoured that Kate specially requested to the director to insert a "kissing scene" to the scene they were filming. Reporters were quick to hunt Ron down for his comments regarding those rumours. Ron explained that eventhough someone may have made such a request, however the director has to also consent it before the scene is added. Ron further explained that the kiss scene was actually the request of the director who felt that the kiss scene would add to the ambience of the scene they were filming.

Reunion TVB series
The producer (Cheung Kon Man) also responded to the rumours and clarify that the director has the authority to add or cut scenes to a drama series and that is actually a norm.

Reunion TVB series
The other casts of Reunion Roger Kwok, Sunny Chan, Benz Hui, Toby Leung as well as Ron and Kate attended the blessing ceremony at Tseung Kwan O. Roger revealed that although he is down with flu, he is still filming at the studio and is not worried about passing the flu bug to his wife or child. Toby and Kate also had a great relationship this series which Kate said, "This is a fun series, we all joke around. There's a very comfortable feeling while filming. The gossips earlier were just rumors."

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel

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