Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Season of Fate

The Season of Fate TVB Drama Astro on Demand

Esther Kwan as Lin Sheung Chun
Michelle Yim as Wong Yuk Lam
Roger Kwok as Ma Wing Ching
Derek Kwok as Leung Kau Mui
Lawrence Ng Wai Kok as Yam Fei Yeung
Oscar Leung as Yam Shing Tin
Regan Cheung
Vivien Yeo

Total Episodes: 25 episodes
Aired Dates: January 11 to February 12, 2010
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 921

Lin Sheung Chun came from a poor family. She was sold off to the Kwan family as a concubine, but shortly after marriage, her husband passed away. Her husband's sudden death could not be accepted by his first wife, Wong Yuk Lam. This resulted in Yuk Lam behaving erratically and became mentally unstable.

As such, the responsibility of managing the household and all other family matters fall on Sheung Chun's shoulders. She even had to take over the management of the family's business which is a bistro.

Swindlers, Ma Wing Ching and Lee Shi Mui, were up to their mischief and antics. However, Sheung Chun was around and managed to blow their cover. Unfortunately, Yuk Lam mistakenly identified Wing Ching as her senior apprentice and follows him around. Wing Ching used this perfect opportunity to swindle more money from the Kwan family bistro.

After a series of incidents and misunderstandings, Wing Ching and Sheung Chun fall for one another. Sheung Chun felt confused between her feelings for Wing Ching as well as her childhood friend, Leung Kau Mui.

At the same time, Yuk Lam's second senior apprentice, Yam Fei Yeung, returned home with his foster son, Yam Shing Tin. Fei Yeung, who harboured feelings for Yuk Lam hoped to win her heart once more but Sheung Chun felt that Fei Yeung has ulterior motives.

Note: Previous working title was The Five Flavours of Life

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