Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng are not awkward in each other's presence

During the filming of Beyond the Realm of Conscience, there were rumours of Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng getting together. Then a few months later, rumours of them breaking up surfaced. But all these, to this day remains as merely rumours. Both artistes have always maintained that they are good friends and co-workers.

Cast of Beyond the Realm of Conscience TVB

Recently, the cast of Beyond the Realm of Conscience gathered for a day of fun at the 5th Annual David Fu Tau Lam Charity Cup. Both Charmaine and Kevin were in the same tug-of-war team that managed to raise HKD 60,000 (of which HKD 10,000 came from Kevin's pockets). Although it was noted that these two friends did not have much interaction with one another, they did stand together for a group photo.

Charmaine Sheh Beyond the Realm of Conscience TVB

Charmaine again stressed that Kevin and her are good friends and she is not embarrassed to see him. Responding to reports that Kevin's facial expressions changed when he was question by the Malaysian media about their relationship, Charmaine asked the reporters if that incident was true. Reporters asked Charmaine to "teach" Kevin to level up his EQ, but Charmaine assured reporters that Kevin has great EQ level. She explains that the rumours surrounding their relationship as well as the constant news about artistes competing for TVB Anniversary Awards are actually not news to her. These so-called news are just negative ways of promoting something.

Cast of Beyond the Realm of Conscience TVB Drama

Kevin explained that his mood during his trip to Malaysia was good. He asked reporters to verify with Fala Chen to understand the situation better as Fala was with him for that trip.

Source: Takungpao with translations by tdrama*addict @ Asianfanatics.net | Image Credit: Tungstar

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