Monday, November 2, 2009

Tavia Yeung was determined to be an evil villain

Tavia Yeung has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years now. She has always taken on "goody-two-shoes" roles. But all that changes in her 10th year. In Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Tavia takes on the role of Yiu Kam Ling the ultimate villain in the series. It is difficult for Tavia to act evil, as the most "evil" deed she does in real life is making fun of people! Tavia explained that someone actually laughed at her and claimed that she could not portray a villainous role, and as such Tavia decided to accept the role and was determined to do her best.

Tavia's role of a villain in Beyond the Realm of Conscience is very much hyped up. Many fans and even non-fans are eager to watch her portrayal of the evil Kam Ling. Tavia revealed that she decided to take on the role as a promise and challenge for herself! "Everyone said that I couldn’t do it. Everyone said that my look doesn’t seem like a bad person. Everyone said the same thing and even producer also said the same thing: Can portray a villain role? Therefore, I was determined to portray the evil role well," explained a very determined Tavia.

Tavia Yeung Beyond the Realm of Conscience TVB
Tavia Yeung as the evil Yiu Kam Ling in
Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

Although the role of Kam Ling is Tavia's very first chance of portraying an antagonist, she admits that acting "evil" is not that difficult. What's more difficult for her was to grasp and learn the complicated dialogues and script for the ancient series.

Tavia acknowledged that Beyond the Realm of Conscience was a hot topic among netizens even before the series premiered. She knows that the series will be popular among drama viewers but never did she imagined that she would be pick by fans and netizens as a strong contender for Best Actress Award at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards! "No matter how everyone said that it was good, but they haven’t watched it yet! Instead, I will tell them: Calm down, let’s watch the series first. Don’t say too much first and let’s give comments after you all watch! Therefore, when you asked me whether I am nervous or not in terms of awards? No! I dare not put high hopes and I prefer to maintain at a stable position. I am only nervous about my performance. I portrayed a good person and would turn evil after that. How to win audiences’ heart, how come I will change and whether my changes are rational or not. Most important for me is feedback from audiences," Tavia rationalised.

Tavia is the total opposite from Kam Ling. Kam Ling would stop at nothing to get what she wants, but Tavia believes that slow and steady improvements will guide her to the top. Tavia is one of the few actresses who are rumour-free even after 10 years in the industry. "Every year my career will improve although I will not suddenly bounce into a high position. Did I have a splendid result in my career? Of course I haven’t reached that stage yet. But it was better year by year!" explains a philosophical Tavia.

Tavia is contented with her achievements in these 10 years. She admits that what she has achieved so far are reasonable, but what matters was she went through each day happily! She doesn't compare herself with other artistes as she knows other artistes worked hard to reach where they are.

If Tavia does take home the Best Actress Award at TVB Anniversary Awards, she reveals that she would have to treat dinner. "Treating dinner is not a problem but this is a social interaction. I’m afraid of social interaction. This is my character. I hope that someone can help me to socialize and I pay the bill then it is OK. If no chance to gain awards, then I just have to work harder next year, really!"

Source: New Daily with translations by Jessie

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