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Susan Tse talks about Grand Empress Guo

Susan Tse's popularity has increased tremendously since joining TVB from rival station, ATV. This year alone, Susan Tse has starred in 2 TVB dramas; Rosy Business (with Wayne Lai and Shereen Tang) and Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

Susan Tse Beyond the Realm of Conscience TVB

Susan's performance as Grand Empress Dowager Guo caught viewers' attention when she uttered the line, "Jeh Jeh (sister) wants to borrow something from you, it's your head!" to Mary Hon in the series. Susan can be considered an experienced veteran in the industry, bringing her 46 years of acting experience with her to TVB 2 years ago. However, Susan has the tendency to take on villain roles which she does so well in.

Susan's portrayal of Grand Empress Dowager Guo is actively discussed in blog and forums. Her popularity among followers of the series is just as strong as the support for Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung.

Susan Tse Beyond the Realm of Conscience TVB

Grand Empress Dowager Guo is a ruthless character who will stop at nothing to protect her position in the Imperial family. Nonetheless, Susan does not think that the Empress is too ruthless, after all she is only trying to protect her family. "Grand Empress Guo is the grand daughter of Kwok Chi Yee (a Tang Dynasty General), she comes from a very rich and powerful family while Empress Dowager Zheng (Mary Hon) was a maid who cleans her feet, from a very low class family. They are just like the modern day first wife and the second wife (mistress). Under these circumstances, how can I as the Grand Empress not wanting to get rid of her. Just look at me, I worry that someone might snatch my husband when I was young, and I worry about my son the Emperor when I am old. If you were me, am I a villain?" reasons Susan.

The success of Susan's portrayal of Grand Empress Guo can be measured by the number of curses she receives from the audience. Although the audience currently curses the Grand Empress for being evil, Susan suggests that they hold on until they watch episode 10, when the Emperor dies. Grand Empress Guo was then betrayed by General Ma and she was devastated. "In this series, I use my eyes to act. At the beginning, I used my eyes to look at the concubines, but at the end, I used my eyes to show I was desolate. I was practicing that at home, I couldn't help "eyeing" my husband. He was so frightened and asked me why did I look at him like that for?" says Susan.

Prior to filming, Moses Chan has to put on weight for his role as Emperor XuanZhong, but little do we know that Susan has to put on weight for her role as well. Susan disclose that she had to pile on 10 pounds to make Grand Empress Guo look fuller as women of the Tang Dynasty were of fuller figure. Looking back Susan admits that putting on weight is perhaps for the better. "It is good that I put on a bit of weight because I do look a bit better on screen. Moreover, the head decorations are very heavy, when we were filming, we had to be so careful. We even had to wear a neck collar to protect our neck when we were not in front of the camera. I must praise the producer for considering all the details in the costume design. The higher the rank, the more sophisticated the head dress and the costume are, and everyone's decoration is different." shares Susan.

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