Friday, July 10, 2009

Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong are friends off screen

Kevin Cheng Bosco Wong

Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong are now on par as they are currently in the same rank of TVB male leads. These two dashing stars are not only good friends but also good brothers (heng dai). Of course there exist competition between them, but fans of both should not worry as the competition is the healthy sort. These two talented stars would not let any rivalry ruin their relationship.

Kevin Cheng

Kevin and Bosco share many interest and have lots of conversation topics. Kevin and Bosco have collaborated in 4 TVB series - Under the Canopy of Love, Devil's Disciples, The Seventh Day, and the most recent drama series, Burning Flame III. Although Kevin and Bosco have different personalities, they share a strong bond. "I don't know about Bosco, but I am also good friends with Roger Kwok and Moses Chan. We have many common topics to talk about, Bosco is not even in my generation, but this handsome boy is quite amazing." reveals Kevin.

Bosco Wong

Kevin further explains that Bosco is serious when he is working, very professional and hardworking as he does all necessary homework and prep before filming. Kevin says not many newcomers know how to seize opportunities, but Bosco does. Kevin says Bosco is a chameleon; not only is he handsome he can be girly too. His strength lies in his ability to be flexible and change according to the needs of each character.

Kevin Cheng Bosco Wong

After hearing the lavish praises Kevin heap on him, Bosco returns the compliments. "Kevin is actually very handsome and mature. Actually, when I first met Kevin, I felt that he was kinda cool, but when our relationship slowly developed, I realized he likes to joke a lot. He is the king of lame jokes (laan GAG)." Bosco explains that he doesn't usually meet up with kevin after work, but everytime they meet, they are like old friends. Bosco also reveals that there's no rivalry between them.

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