Friday, July 17, 2009

Moses Chan shares his passion for coffee

Moses Chan Ho

Most TVB artistes usually double up as a singer - think Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung among others. However, that's not the case with Moses Chan. Instead of becoming a singer, this coffee enthusiast decides to publish a book, or specifically a book about coffee. The coffee book [My Coffee Guide - 給咖啡偷一杯時間] is scheduled to be published mid July.

Although there are other celebrities/artistes releasing books as well this summer, Moses does not feel pressured. He believes everyone's goals is different and there won't be any conflicts among them. "I'm not afraid that my coffee book won't have enough attraction. Nowadays books are very diverse, every author has different goals, so there should not be any conflict. I never thought of the sales results, I only want to fulfill my dream, hoping to be the middle-man, introducing coffee to everyone; to people who likes coffee."

Moses Chan Ho

Moses started his career as a model before becoming an actor. He shared that when he was a teenager, he wanted to participate in a photo shoot for a photo book. "When I was a teenager, I thought that my body figure was nice, so I was full of self-confidence. I also thought about releasing a photo album before, but as I got older I became more conservative," reveals Moses.

Moses' goals have shifted as he matures. His passion now revolves around coffee. He wants to share all his coffee experiences with everyone.

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel @

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