Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fala Chen has clinched the role of Laughing's Wife

A few days ago, news broke that most major roles for Laughing's Movie have been decided, except for one - the role of laughing's wife. There were reports that many TVB fadans and beauty queens auditioned for the role.

Fala Chen Red Carpet TVB Anniversary Award 2008
Fala Chen, seen at TVB's Anniversary Award 2008

Fala Chen was one of them. She auditioned on the last day of casting and her performance was reportedly excellent. TVB Exec, Stephen Chan revealed that Fala's performance at the audition was very solid and her Cantonese pronunciation was better than Christine Kuo's.

Fala is currently busy filming a TVB series, The Legend of Pu Songling, with Linda Chung and Steven Ma. Having landed this popular role, Fala will be busy filming both the series and the movie. Stephen Chan will help Fala to sort out her schedules to accommodate the filming for both.

Michael Tse, who will play the character of "Laughing", the same character he made famous in TVB drama Emergency Unit E.U., expressed that Fala meets the basic requirement for the role of Laughing's wife. "She has audience fate, (she) will be Francis Ng's younger sister, her outer appearance is also very suitable. Our height matches!" Michael says.

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel @ AsianUniverse.net

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