Monday, June 1, 2009

Roger Kwok ready to take on Rosy Business

Roger Kwok Yoyo Mung The Threshold of a Persona TVB

TVB new series The Threshold of a Persona will start its broadcast tonight. The new series about the functions of Hong Kong's Immigration Department stars Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Patrick Tang, among others.

Roger, Yoyo and Patrick appeared at a promo function for the series dressed in the uniforms of the Immigration Department officers. They posed in their uniforms and exclaimed that they are ready to take over the 9.30pm time slot from Rosy Business, which won praises from viewers. Roger is upbeat about the series, "there is some momentum this time, I believe that I will beat Wayne Lai, fighting for the highest rating." Reporters asked Roger if he feels any pressure as Rosy Business achieved high ratings. Roger admits that Rosy Business's ratings are high, but says, "We are the elite forces, we also hope to fight for the highest rating." Yoyo also expressed her confidence in the series, "originally the series was suppose to be only 20 episodes, but then they changed it to 27 because the story is just too good."

The Threshold of a Persona Cast TVB

Other cast members, Toby Leung, Kenny Wong, Raymond Cho and Ben Wong appeared in full uniform complete with anti-riot gears and equipments. The equipments were heavy, weighing approximately 20 pounds. Toby could not walk up on stage and needed help from the others. She was also sweating and claimed that she felt dizzy. "I feel like I'm about to throw up, about to faint. I don't dare to move too much, I don't want to use too much strength. I respect being a female," she says.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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