Friday, May 29, 2009

TVB Fa Dans vie for a spot in Laughing Film

Laughing Kor Movie TVB Michael Tse

The cast for Laughing Movie has been confirmed. The film will feature big names such as Anthony Wong and Francis Ng as well as a few TVB stars including Johnson Lee, Wayne Lai and Kenny Wong, among others. However, the female lead for the film has not been cast. The female lead role, which is the character of Laughing's girlfriend, may fall into the hands of one of TVB's own Fa Dans. Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung and Bernice Liu were all considered for the leading role. Models Chrissie Chow and MCI Christine Kuo are also in the race for the lead role.

The Director reveals that he is currently involved in another film and does not have the time to be involved in the casting for Laughing movie. He explains that he has seen more than 10 girls for the role, but decision has not been made on who the role will go to.

TVB General Manager, Stephen Chan who attended another event was asked about this matter. Stephen says they have seen Kate Tsui and Chrissie Chow but their chances are not high. "We are hoping to use a new face, in the new few days, the decision should be made," Stephen explains.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Linda going to film a series soon? I hope Bernice or Fala gets to play a role in Laughing's movie. Kate was in OTFB before as another character, it would be weird if she comes back with a new role, a bit like Michael's (Mui) in TA & EU.

And Wendy, please can you relink me? Thankyou. (: