Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai quash rumours about Rosy Business

Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Kara Hui and Wayne Lai were among the cast of Rosy Business who were at the recording of Club Sparkle recently. They were asked about rumours that the four artistes who play the four wives of Tseung Kiu (Elliot Yue) apparently do not get along.

Sheren Tang Wayne Lai Rosy Business TVB

Wayne, being the neutral party, was asked about this. The rumour apparently alleged that Sheren Tang is the one who does not get along with the others. Wayne replies, "Not getting along?! Of course not, this is just a rumor!"

Rosy Business is a big hit among TV viewers and there are many speculations about the ending of the drama series. Wayne says the Producer felt that the current ending is the most perfect one. Thus, he feels that there will not be a sequel to Rosy Business.

Sheren feels happy that the drama series is doing well. She says the script is a really good one and it couldn't have been better. "I chase the series myself, friends invite me out for dinner, I don't go. I rather stay home and watch TV. Currently the economy is not good, therefore families should stay home and watch TV together. Spend more time together with family members and maintain the good relationship," Sheren explains.

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