Sunday, May 24, 2009

Queen of the Office Costume Fitting

Queen of the Office TVB

TVB is scheduled to film a new sitcom soon as Off Peddler will be ending it's run. The new sitcom, Queen of the Office, stars Liza Wang, Denise Ho, Chapman To, Ron Ng among others. This is Liza's first sitcom and also her first collaboration with Chapman and Denise.

Queen of the Office TVB

Liza, who tied the know with long time boyfriend Law Kar Ying in Las Vegas early this month, report for work upon her return from her honeymoon. She appeared at the costume fitting ceremony with a new hairstyle. Liza seems to be in a happy and looked even more radiant. Liza's character in the sitcom is a secretary and filming will mostly take place in shopping malls.

The filming for Queen of the Office will start end of May and will take about four months to complete.

Queen of the Office TVB

Chapman To will also take on the role of a secretary in the series. Denise is making a comeback to TVB after a 10-year hiatus. The last time she filmed for TVB was for Anti Crime Squad. Denise admits that filming with Liza doesn't make her nervous, but she is worried about being late.

Denise will take on the role of an office manager and will constantly be bickering with Liza. She admits that the bickering part will pose quite a challenge as Liza is a respectable figure but her character requires her to yell at Liza instead. Her character will also be involved with Chapman's character romantically.

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