Friday, May 22, 2009

Sheren Tang: Rosy Business ratings will hit 40 points

The ratings for Rosy Business is improving by the week. On Monday the drama series hit 37 points. To celebrate the success of the drama series, the cast members treated the whole production team to a dinner.

Sheren Tang Wayne Lai Rosy Business TVB

Wayne Lai was once quoted as saying that he would treat the cast and crew to a dinner meal on his own. However, for this celebration dinner, most of the cast pitch in a portion. Wayne clarifies, "The cast treated the crew for tonight’s dinner. Since everyone pitches in the same amount, there is no need for one person to fight to pay the entire bill. Everyone is happy. It is not important whether we treat or not. The most important thing is that we watch the final episode at the shopping mall together with the audience. The atmosphere will be very exciting!"

A tabloid magazine recently spotted some flaws in Rosy Business. According to the magazine, there were some shots in the drama which has modern high rise buildings in the background. Wayne explains, "The stills showcase a different viewpoint. These buildings should not appear onscreen in the background. If they truly do, I hope everyone is understanding of the mistake."

Sheren Tang, who plays the role of Po Kei (Tseung Kiu's 4th wife), was the one who suggested to TVB executive, Stephen Chan to organise a dinner at a shopping mall. Sheren was proud of the success of Rosy Business and thanked the audience for their active discussions about the drama. Sheren says it would be even better if the dinner proceeds could go to charity!

Sheren also expressed her confidence in the ratings of Rosy Business. Sheren thinks that the ratings may breech the 40 points mark and attributes the success to the strong cast in the series. "In the future, actresses should not be afraid of filming before a high-definition camera. If own possesses strong acting skills, that would suffice," she says.

Nancy Wu Rosy Business TVB

Nancy Wu was happy that she was picked to act in Rosy Business. Nancy says originally the role was given to Claire Yiu but Claire got pregnant. So the role was given to her instead.

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