Saturday, May 9, 2009

Selena Li and Tavia Yeung slap each other

Selena Li and Tavia Yeung are very busy filming for new TVB drama Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Both Selena and Tavia play the role of concubines/imperial consort. As expected, there are strong competition among the concubines as well as in-fighting among them to win the Emperor's favour. Selena and Tavia has to slap one another for a scene from the drama. However, these two are the best of friends when they are not in character.

Selena Li Tavia Yeung Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Selena explains that she has to keep long fingernails for her role as a concubine. As such, she is afraid of accidentally hurting Tavia when filming the "slapping scene". "You must grow your nails to portray a imperial concubine. Therefore I was afraid I would injure Tavia's face. I felt a lot of pressure. We tried different positions and attempted not to use real force. But the outcome wasn't great. In the end we decided to slap for real. But of course I didn't use any force on her. Later in the series, Tavia will slap me twice. I hope when we shoot those scenes she will go easy on me," says Selena.

Tavia explains that her face does not hurt from the slap but instead, it was her neck that is the one hurting. As reported earlier, the female casts have to wear heavy headgears for this series. However Tavia is quick to add that she will put up with the pain in order to film beautiful footages for the drama. She also explains that the higher the ranking a character has, the heavier the headgear would be.

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