Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Filming Beyond the Realm of Conscience is a pain

Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh and Selena Li were involved with the filming of new TVB drama, Beyond the Realm of Conscience. The series is a period drama and the cast are required to be decked in period costumes. Not only the clothes and shoes but this time around, headgears are also required. Tavia has to constantly hold on to her headgear when filming and explained that the headgear is too heavy. It was revealed that her headgear weighs 4 kilograms! Tavia says, "For this series, the most difficult part is that my headdress is too heavy, right now my neck is swollen, each night I would have to treat it with medication."

Charmaine Sheh Tavia Yeung Selena Li

Selena Li, on the other hand, needs more than the headgear. As her character is pregnant, she need additional padding for her chest area as well as stomach. Selena is excited to be playing a pregnant woman as she explains, "This is the first time I'm a pregnant woman in an ancient series!" However, Selena shares that among the three additional items, the headgear is the most uncomfortable. "it's so heavy that half the time I'm forgetting my lines, it's due to it being in the way," she says.

Charmaine Sheh takes wearing the headgear and pain all in her stride. So how come she has it easier that the others? Charmaine reveals, "At this point in the series, I'm still a low level person, so I don't have as much on my head. When I become a concubine, I will have to wear the headdress as well, I'm kind of afraid that my head will be in pain then."

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by: aZnangel @

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