Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joyce Tang gives birth with the help of Bowie Lam

Bowie Lam and Joyce Tang were filming a scene for new TVB drama, Pearl on the Palm. The scene revolves around a pregnant Joyce who was kidnapped by her ex-husband, Brian Wong. Bowie had to save her but in the process, Bowie accidentally killed Brian. And to complicate matters further, Joyce start to have labour pains and has to deliver her baby immediately. Bowie has to help her with the delivery.

Bowie Lam Joyce Tang Pearl on the Palm TVB

This scene is the first time ever Joyce had to deliver a baby in a drama. It is also a challenge for her as she has to "give birth" in the middle of nowhere instead of a proper hospital bed. Joyce explained that the crew had prepared a doll to be used as her baby and the doll has a long umbilical cord attached to it.

Joyce shares that she will be heading to China after filming for the drama wraps to release a Mandarin single. However, the single will not be available in Hong Kong. Joyce note that if the single was released in Hong Kong, probably no one would buy it. Joyce actually started her career as a newcomer in a singing contest but until now, she has not released a single.

Source: Wenweipo, with translated by: aZnangel @

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