Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wayne Lai has confidance in Rosy Business

Since Wayne Lai's success in bringing home the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 2008 TVB Anniversary Awards, his fan base has grown tremendously. Recently, at a function for his new TVB drama, Rosy Business, many young, female fans were present to support Wayne. Wayne was surprised that so many of his fans turned up but also explained that his fan base is now made up of people from various demographics.

Wayne Lai Rosy Business TVB Drama

Wayne can be seen in Rosy Business opposite another acting powerhouse, Sheren Tang. Both Wayne and Sheren are looking forward to the broadcast of the drama.

Rosy Business took over the time slot of King of Snookers which ended its run last week. Wayne was asked if he was worried that the poor ratings of King of Snookers will impact Rosy Business, in which he replied, "No, Sheren has a strong audience following. Also, the audience nowadays know how to choose what to watch. If then did not watch one series, this does not mean they are not interesting in the next one. They will judge each series independently."

Sheren Tang Rosy Business TVB Drama

Sheren is also not overly concerned about the ratings. Sheren laughed off Wayne's comments that she has a large audience following but instead says that Producer Lee Tim Sing is the one with the large following. Reporters asked Sheren if she has any hopes that her character "Po Kei" in Rosy Business will outshine her previous role in War and Beauty, but Sheren said she has not considered that.

Source: Xinmin.com.cn with translations by JayneStars
Image Credit: TVB

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