Monday, April 27, 2009

Rosy Business

Rosy Business TVB Drama Astro on Demand

Sheren Tang as Hong Po Kei
Yuen Wah as Tseung Kiu
Ron Ng as Tseung Pit Ching
Wayne Lai as Chai Kau
Kiki Sheung as Pang Kiu
Kara Hui as Lau Fong
Nancy Wu
Suki Tsui

Total Episodes: 25 episodes
Aired Dates: April 27 to May 29, 2009
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 921

Hong Po Kei was once engaged to wealthy Wuxi rice baron, Tseung Kiu. Their engagement was broken off due to a natural disaster. Po Kei's family was killed when the country ran out of food supplies, while Po Kei was deemed a criminal.

Although much has happened, Po Kei has never gotten over Tseung Kiu. She believes that he is not as heartless as how others see him and tries hard to prove that. The fate between the two is strong and they finally meet again. By chance, Po Kei ends up marrying Tseung Kiu and became his fourth wife. Tseung Kiu's first and second wives, Yan Fung Yee and Pang Kiu contantly makes life difficult for Po Kei. However, Po Kei is a smart woman who is not bothered by their little antics, instead she turns every mis-adventure to her advantage. Tsueng Kiu is impressed by Po Kei's determination and wisdom. He entrusts his whole business in her hands and tells her to find him a suitable successor before he dies.

Po Kei works hard to manage the family business although she is contantly threathened by the in-fighting within the family. She also keeps Tseung Kiu's wish for a successor close to her heart. Po Kei learns that Tseung Pit Ching, Tseung Kiu's second son, is a capable person loved by all although Pit Ching would rather everyone believe that he's a playboy. Po Kei invests her time mentoring Pit Ching to take oveer the family business. However, her efforts were met with objections by Chai Kau. Chai Kau claims that he was mistreated by the Tseung family and wants revenge. Chai Kau begins to challenge Po Kei while Po Kei works hard to fend off Chai Kau's challenges. After numerous rounds of battles, Po Kei and Chai Kau develop admiration and respect for one another. As time passes, Chai Kau starts to fall for Po Kei.

How will the strong and risilent Po Kei handle the affection of Chai Kau? Will the Tseung family business prosper under the leadership of Pit Ching? Or will the in-fighting and constant bickering bring down the family business?


hyn5 said...

I very looking forward to watching "Rosy Business." Anticipating the performances from Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai. Also, the theme song is beautiful. I'm so happy that Ron has improved in his vocals. :D

Also, I've added you as a link Wendy! :)

Miki said...

hey can u pls finish up your review on Pages of Treasures and E.U?
Bored to death@work... :D

admin said...

@hyn5: Thanks! I'll do the same shortly.

@Miki: I wish I could too. I'm trying very hard ok? Please bear with me. Thanks.