Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Patrick Tang and Nikki Chow happy with the King of Snooker ratings

The King of Snookers ended its run last week. To celebrate the completion of the drama, Patrick Tang invited the cast and crew of the drama series for a hot pot dinner. The team also watched the finale together. However, the two other leads, Adam Cheng and Nikki Chow were unable to attend as they are currently out of the country.

Patrick Tang King of Snookers TVB Drama

Although Adam could not join the team to celebrate, he sent over half a dozen bottle of Red Wine for the team to consume. No celebration is complete without alcohol and Patrick Tang knows that. He is also aware that one should not drink and drive, he explains, "I don't have a car tonight, I plan to drink quite a bit, haven't drank so much in a long time. It is a rare opportunity to be able to have dinner and drinks with a group of friends."

The ratings for King of Snookers is average and reporters asked Patrick if he was surprised. Patrick explains that he is not surprised as the ending of the drama was already set. "I am already happy enough that the ratings had a rise. I think Easter and the economy has some influence on it though", he added.

Nikki was in Japan to film a special music program so she could not make it for dinner. Patrick was kind enough to call her so that the reporters present could speak to Nikki. Nikki reveals that she is happy that the ratings improved, although just a small improvement but she is not too concerned about the ratings.

Source: Takungpao with translations by: aZnangel @ AsianUniverse.net

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