Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michael Miu and Maggie Cheung kisses in Sai Kung

Michael Miu and Maggie Cheung were filming a kissing scene for their new drama collaboration, The Pride of My Husband. The pair required more than one take for this kissing scene. Not because they were too shy, but Maggie requested for a re-take as she felt the first take was too shallow. Michael shared that he only started filming intimate scenes with his co-stars after his comeback. He is not worried that his wife, Jamie (soon to be seen alongside Gallen Lo and Ray Lui in Root of Evil) will be jealous.

Michael Miu Maggie Cheung

The kissing scene was filmed on Sandy bay Beach in Sai Kung and attracted many passerbys. The crowd called out to Michael, but instead of calling him "Sam Ko" (Michael's nickname) they called him "Hau Ko", which is the name of his character in the recently concluded Emergency Unit E.U..

Michael Miu Maggie Cheung

Before filming the scene, the very professional pair discussed with each other how to get the best result for the scene. After completing the scene, they would quickly watch the playback to see if the scene turns out alright.

Source: On.cc with translations by: aZnangel @ Asianuniverse.net

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