Friday, April 10, 2009

Jessica Hsuan seduces Bowie Lam for Pearl on the Palm

Jessica Hsuan, Bowie Lam, Kiki Sheung, Joyce Tang and Macy Chan attended a promotional event for new TVB drama series Pearl on the Palm. The female cast showcased sponsored jewellery worth tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars. Although not pictured, Macy Chan's jewellery set is said the be the most expensive, valued at HKD 5.5 million.

Bowie Lam Kiki Sheung

Kiki Sheung wore a black pearl ring costing approximately HKD 100,000. She loved the ring so much that she asked the owner for a half price discount on it. To her surprise, the owner agreed and a deal was struck there and then!

Kiki jokingly said, "Since the ring was so cheap at half-price, I decided to purchase it. I am not concerned that I will purchase more items impulsively." Reporters asked Kiki if she will wear the black pearl ring during filming of the drama series, but Kiki did not give an affirmative answer. Instead, she said, "Earlier, I wore my own pearl necklace while filming as well."

Bowie shared a little bit of the storyline of the series. Jessica will be a seductress in the drama, and she will be seducing Bowie. Kiki Sheung make up the third point of the triangle and the trio will be embroiled in a love triangle.

Jessica Hsuan

Jessica shared that she will be taking on a villainous role and her first attempt at playing an antagonist. Jessica said that her character will have to portray inner turmoil and mental struggles, as such the scenes will require more attention.

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