Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pride of My Husband: Costume Fitting

Michael Miu and Michael Tse portrayed their characters well in their most recent collaboration, E.U Emergency Unit. The series is doing well and many fans praised the performances from the two Michaels.

These two very talented stars will be working together again in their latest project, new TVB Drama The Pride of My Husband. Aside from the two Micheals, other cast include Maggie Cheung and Mandy Cho. The foursome appeared at the costume fitting ceremony.

Maggie Cheung Michael Miu

This will be a new partnership between Michael Miu and Maggie Cheung. Four years ago, the pair was scheduled to work together in The New Shanghai Bund, but Maggie fell sick and had to pull out. This new drama will see them collaborating as a married couple. Michael Miu says he believes he has fate with Maggie and hopes that there will be sparks between them.

Cast The Pride of My Husband TVB

The Pride of My Husband is a comedy series, and Michael Miu character is a playful man with a mean wife (Maggie). Michael says, "The role is quite similar to me in reality. Jamie (Chik) isn't mean, just in reality I'm a playful person, also I'm not afraid of my wife, it is respecting her. I am only playful during events, not to know girls. Also I have so many things to play with and have so many friends, I have a family and a wife, I will not do silly things to cause trouble for myself."

Maggie's character grows up in a farm, drives a truck and is rude. Maggie says her role is quite special and reveals that TVB pays her a "happy" salary for her comeback series. She will also be collaborating with Teresa Lee, who participated in the same Miss Hong Kong pageant as Maggie.

Michael Tse's character is a playboy with 3 girlfriends.

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