Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Charmaine kneels the whole day for filming

Filming for new TVB drama, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, has started. Charmaine Sheh plays the role of a palace maid, Lau Sam Ho. Charmaine shares that her character is a very nice person and has a good heart. She explains, "Yes, I play a very good character in the series. Sam Ho does good deeds, says nice things and has a very good heart." On the other hand, Charmaine reveals that Tavia Yeung's character is frank and outspoken. Her bluntness caused many problems in the Palace but Sam Ho will be there to help her shoulder the blame.

Charmaine Sheh TVB Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Charmaine shares that during filming, she has been kneeling down the whole day. They were filming a scene which requires her character to beg the Empress to help Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan's character.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience was previously known as Lau Sam Ho and also stars Moses Chan (Emperor), Kevin Cheng (Palace Guard), Selena Li (Concubine), Mary Hon, Tracy Ip, Mandy Cho among others.

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Anonymous said...

To be honest it is tavia yeung kneeling on the picture and not charmaine

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Oops my mistake. Thanks for clarifying.

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Photo corrected. Cheers!