Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TVB stars weather the Global Economic Crisis together

The global financial crisis impacts everyone globally. There's no avoiding or escaping or running away from it. TVB had already laid off over 200 staffs and freeze the salary of those still employed. Hoping to remain united to weather the financial crisis, TVB launched a campaign, Spreading Hong Kong's Power [發動香港力量] to encourage and motivate the people of Hong Kong.

The campaign was attended by many TVB artistes including Liza Wang who was not feeling weel, and TVB General Manager, Stephen Chan. Most artistes present agree to take a pay cut for shows and appearances during these tough times.

Raymond Lam, who starred in Moonlight Resonance, does not mind having his pay cut by up to 30% and pledges to support TVB to the very end. Raymond said, "The most important is to let everyone know that TVB Artistes are worth to have, worth the money, to help the markets overcome this period, raising pay we all can talk about it. Actually the finanical crisis did not affect me too much because I don't understand investments, although I had always wanted to buy a luxury home, but I heard that the housing prices had been affected, I'm feeling quite contradicting."

Raymond Lam and Linda Chung

Raymond's fellow cast member in Moonlight Resonance, Linda Chung, reveals that she earned more in 2008 but admits that she will be affected this year. Linda is not sure if her pay will be reduced but states that she is fine working for half her pay. "But this decision is made by my company," adds Linda. Linda also said that she's happy if there is work as she does not work for the money. "As an artist, I don't want to have no chance for exposure," Linda explained.

Moses Chan and others

Star of current mega production, The Gem of Life, Moses Chan assures that if his pay was reduced he would still have enough. "Actually artists do hope for a job and an opportunity for collaboration, so that's why we all will ride out the storm together with the company," explains Moses.

Bosco Wong

Another cast of The Gem of Life, Bosco Wong shares that he still has job offers and his pay is still not reduced. Bosco who is yet to feel the impact says, "Increase or decrease in my pay has always been decided by my manager, I will need my manager to see if its necessary to reduce the pay or not, I will just listen to whatever is arranged."

Veteran artiste, Nancy Sit is worried about the current economy crisis especially after hearing the Chief Executive's address regarding the crisis. Nancy said, "The Chief Executive shouldn't say it like that, it might scare people. In the future I will work hard on my jobs, peacefully accepting jobs. Although the financial crisis did not affect me too much, but in the Chinese New Year I will be passing out lucky pockets, I already prepared $118,000 of lucky packets to pass out. Give some good luck, hope that everyone could spend the New Year happily."

Nancy Sit Susanna Kwan

Susanna Kwan, who appeared alongside Moses, Linda and Raymond in Moonlight Resonance, is relieved that she doesn't invest much. Susanna explains, "Luckily I didn't do any investments, my property is also owned by me, so there is no problem. Workload also had not been reduced. Up until now, my income is actually more than last year." Susanna also shares that health is more important and she may be taking a break to rest in the new year.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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