Friday, January 23, 2009

Glamourous Housewives Costume Fitting

TVB held a costume fitting ceremony for its new drama series Glamourous Housewives recently. Among the cast who attended the event are Chung King Fai, Lee Si Kei, Fala Chen, Timmy Hung and Christine Ng.

Chung King Fai Lee Si Kei

Lee Si Kei will play Fala's mother and Christine's sister. The drama tells the story about 3 generations of women in a family and their love lives. Fala says her character is an untidy girl who cannot cook. She also mentions that she is quite similar to the character except that she can cook very well.

Lee Si Kei was questioned if playing this character brings back memories of her previous loves. Si Kei replied that her feelings now are numbed. She also denied having "many" love affairs in the past, saying, "Not a lot, I only got married twice. A lot of people married so many times, I don't think so."

Si Kei also shared that she has been feeling tired of late and went for a thorough body check-up. The result of the check-up is very encouraging, she is healthy. Although the report is good, the doctor advises Si Kei to lose some weight. Si Kei shares that she is working hard towards that.

Source: Wenweipo with translations by dragon888@AVN

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