Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Artistes react to TVB's decision to retrench

TVB recently announced that it is laying off over 200 employees. General manager, Stephan Chan has also stepped up and offer to take a pay cut to help the company weather these tough times. "I am willing to take a pay cut. But it is up to the shareholders of the TVB. We need to have a board meeting to decide the way forward," Stephan Chan explained.

Stephan Chan General Manager TVB

Shirley Yeung explained that Stephan's decision is sincere and he is doing it (taking a pay cut) for the employees. Shirley also said she encouraged the people at work to be more involved in their work. Chin Ka Lok echoes Shirley's thoughts about Stephan. He said, "Stephan is willing to cut his pay, everybody feels it is fair and it raises the workers morale."

Chin Ka Lok Shirley Yeung TVB

Michelle Yim, winner of Best Actress at the recent TVB Anniversary Awards, told reporters that she has been very anxious these past few days. She said, "We don't really want this to happen. That is nothing we can do, just hope we all pull through this difficult time. I hope people who are made redundant don't lose heart because they are professional. The company will soon hire people. They just need to be patient. The company don't have enough people to do all the work. I am not sure if any of my friends have lost their jobs yet. We have to hang on for a bit longer. I am sure we will pull through. I still have another year before my contract expires. It may not be a bad thing I don't get a pay rise in my new contract , at least I still hold on to my job. Even I have to take pay cut, I don't mind at all. I have been working for so many years and I don't see earning money is the first priority. I like a good script. My family and friends are business people. If everybody doesn't compromise, the company will fold. TVB is cutting staff, the bosses have their difficulties and so are the employees."

Michelle Yim TVB

Kenix Kwok, who will film the Grand Entrepreneur with Gallen Lo, Ray Lui and Jamie Chik, also shares her 2 cents about the unfortunate situation. She hopes that the employees laid off will be re-hired when the company has sort itself out. Kenix also explained that there are some people who protested the retrenchment saying that the company is still making money but why is it cutting jobs. She said that may be the company's strategy and she does not have the answers to that.

Kenix Kwok TVB

Bosco Wong, who just returned from Toronto, is clueless about the retrenchment and job cuts. He explained that his contract with TVB was renewed a few years ago and it will be a long time before it expires. Bosco hopes that the recession will pass soon then everyone can get back to their normal lives.

Bosco Wong Linda Chung TVB

Linda Chung revealed that the hairdressers and make up artists she has worked with were laid off. She feels for them but is unable to do anything as it may be the company's policy. She also explained that her contract was renewed earlier and she was given a little increment.

Source:MingPao with translations by dragon888 @ AsianVN.com

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