Friday, January 16, 2009

Linda Chung wishes to replace Gigi Lai

Since retiring from the entertainment industry, Gigi Lai is no longer endorsing any products and/or brands. Gigi was once the fashion ambassador for MOISELLE, a high-end fashion brand. With Gigi's retirement, MOISELLE is now on the look out for a new ambassador.

Recently, MOISELLE had a fashion show for its In Full Bloom 2009 Spring/Summer Collection. Linda Chung, who starred in Moonlight Resonance and The Gem of Life and top models, Ana R. and Kathy Chow, took part and walked the runway for MOISELLE. Linda took the lead for the finale show and stole the limelight. A very excited Linda said, "This is my first time participating in such a big fashion brand fashion show, the styles of clothing felt like a princess, very elegant and high class. I am also quite satisfied with my performance, while I was walking the show, I deliberately did a small smile."

Linda Chung MOISELLE

TVB top gun, Virginia Lok, was also present at the show to support Linda. Linda was happy and touched by Miss Lok's kind support. "I saw Miss Lok down below stage, actually I felt more nervous, like a pair of eyes watching me closely," she said.

Linda, who aspired to be a model when she was 10, said that she would like to replace Gigi Lai as MOISELLE's spokesperson. Linda explained, "I want to! I also feel that I fit the image. I do hope that they sponsor me their clothing, this fashion brand really has the feminine feel. Their styles are elegant and simple, fits my good girl image. Just now, the Boss praised that I did OK with walking the show, the most important thing is to have confidence. Before the show, I approached Kathy Chow and other models for some advice and methods of catwalks.""

MOISELLE's top executive, Chan Nam Kit, revealed that Gigi's contract has expired and MOISELLE is in the process of recruiting a new spokesperson. "This time, Linda Chung's performance in doing the catwalk was done well, I am considering her," Chan said.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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