Monday, January 19, 2009

Jamie Chik slapped Kenix Kwok

Kenix Kwok decided to leave TVB about three years ago to pursue greener pastures but now, three years later, she's back at TVB. She is currently involved in the filming of TVB new series The Grand Entrepreneur alongside Gallen Lo, Ray Lui and Jamie Chik.

Kenix Kwok Jamie Chik The Grand Entrepreneur

Filming started a few months ago and there were rumours spreading like wild fire saying that Kenix does not get along with Jamie. Kenix denied that they could not get along and even gave Jamie a present during the latter's birthday.

Jamie Chik slaps Kenix Kwok

Recently, Kenix and Jamie were spotted filming a scene for the drama series.In the series, Jamie plays Ray Lui's wife, while kenix is siad to play the role of his mistress. The scene filmed revolved around Jamie slapping Kenix along the streets. Both actresses were very involved in their respective roles. However, after completing the scene Jamie checked on Kenix to see if she was alright. Kenix assured that she was fine, "It's alright. The most important thing was we really shot a good scene for this drama."

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